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The Kubenet community has been created with the goal to help network engineers understand the potential of kubernetes for network automation. While we discuss networking, we are NOT talking about CNI(s) here, but about using kubernetes as an automation/orchestration engine to manage physical, virtual or containerized NOS(s).

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Kubernetes stands out as the most extensive and robust automation and orchestration system available today. Originally focussed on container orchestration but leveraged across many industries, beyond container orchestration. The question to ask here is why is the networking industry not leveraging kubernetes for network automation. The Kubenet community is setup with to goal to help understand networking engineers the potential of kubernetes for network automation.

Here are some attributes to consider why kubernetes is a good automation platform:

  • Open Source: As an open-source platform, Kubernetes offers transparency, flexibility, and a collaborative community-driven approach. This fosters innovation and continuous improvement.
  • Highly Extendable: Kubernetes is designed to be highly extendable, allowing for customization and integration with various tools and services to meet specific needs.
  • Vast Ecosystem: The Kubernetes ecosystem is immense, with a wide range of tools, plugins, and extensions available. This ecosystem provides the resources needed to build comprehensive automation solutions.
  • Declarative Model: Kubernetes uses a declarative model, making it easier to define and manage the desired state of network configurations.
  • Event-Driven and Continuous Reconciliation: Kubernetes supports event-driven automation and continuous reconciliation, ensuring that the network’s state is consistently aligned with the defined configurations.
  • Collaborative Approach with GitOps: Leveraging GitOps principles, Kubernetes enables a collaborative approach to network management. Changes can be tracked, reviewed, and deployed using version control systems, enhancing transparency and collaboration.
  • Extensive Knowledge Base: The widespread adoption of Kubernetes means there is a vast knowledge base and a large community of experts. This allows organizations to leverage existing expertise to extend and optimize their automation systems.

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